3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Honouring Your Soul

DSC_0080Lately I’ve noticed two similar phrases that keep passing my lips, “honour your soul” or “there’s no honour in that.” What seemed more sudden then gradual, I started to base all my decisions, words and dealings with other people on a strict system of honour.

So, I started to question why this has all of a sudden become my bottom line, what honour means to me and how it has actually become beneficial.

I’ve always had an honour rule, the typical ‘be a good person, treat others with respect, treat yourself with respect etc. etc. But there were holes in it.

For instance my honesty came hand in hand with excuses or sugar coating, not wanting to upset anyone or get into any serious trouble. I always used the truth but it was rare for me to use the raw, honest truth.

Or, time and again I let things slip that I should have spoken up about, whether that was for myself or for another person.

And then greatest of all, follow your heart, but keep working someplace that’s not contributing to pursuing your passion. Keep feeding yourself excuses that you are actually going to do it but this is how it has to be for now.


From what I’ve gathered, all this came up when I sat in a bus thinking, what in the world am I doing? I’ve been travelling for 3 years, and while I’ve had the time of my life I’m not working towards my goals, I don’t even know what those goals are.  I’m not satisfied with my level of self-respect and I’m falling short of the holistic, healthy lifestyle I believe in.

It’s been six weeks since I set off on another vagabond and I realized that I’ve been selling myself short in honouring my soul. Sounds a bit over dramatic and intense, but it wasn’t until I began to fully embody what honour meant to me, that I realized what a difference it made.

This ritual of listening and acting on my heart went so much deeper then the typical right and wrongs of society. A large amount of it was from the most subtle parts of me. Like brutal honesty for example, even if it wasn’t received with open arms. Like trusting my intuition and going for the things I wanted despite nervous fear. Like ridding my life of all different kinds of toxins because I deem myself worthy of happiness.

So, as I’ve started on this path of honouring my soul, this is what I’ve discovered along the way.


1) It allows you to follow your heart and pursue your dreams

When you listen to what you want and decide that you’re ready to move in that direction, that’s honouring your soul. The second you decide that fear and complacency will no longer serve you is the second you will feel boundless and free. Pursuing your dreams from this point isn’t a matter of ‘the right timing,’ it is the only logical thing to do regardless.

Part of following your heart however, lies deeply within being vulnerable with others. Whether that’s in love or in friendship. For many people it is not an easy feat, but probably the most beneficial. Being vulnerable is the most beautiful form of honesty; no thought on ‘if’ you get hurt’ or ‘what will people think’. You start to learn that it’s okay to get hurt, pain simply moves on and it doesn’t matter what people think as long as you stay true to yourself.

At the end of the day, you followed your heart and that’s something to be proud of. It’s also something that starts to get easier with time. Failure, rejection and conquering self-consciousness will actually start to feel good. When you lay at the end of failure (and possible embarrassment) you’ll start to have thoughts like ‘ Damn! did I ever have balls! How awesome am I?” and you’ll just do it again with less thought of the fall.


2) You have more respect for you. Others have more respect for you.

There are so many things that tie into self-respect. Aside’s from following your heart, speaking your absolute truth is respectful, letting go of toxic relationships is respectful. Having the courage to say yes, and also, having the courage to say no, holds a tremendous amount of self-respect.

The mirrored side of self-respect however, is how you treat others. The way you interact, react and speak to people is a reflection of you. Taking responsibility for your shortcomings is honourable. It can be really difficult to admit to others and especially yourself, that you’ve fallen short, that you hurt someone with your carelessness. But something I’ve come to observe is how much more peace you have with yourself for taking responsibly and that there is still trust established in those relationships because of it.

3) It’s a direct path to happiness, inner peace and consciousness.

You start to harness your true flow and in it you find balance. You’ll become more conscious of what you need and don’t need in your life. When you begin to resolve the issues you have with yourself, there really isn’t room for disorder and stress. Most of the issues we have are because we failed to honour our deepest desires or the human in others.

Once you start on this path of honouring your soul, you might actually find yourself on adventures to other towns, cities, even countries. You might take a class you’ve always wanted to, or start building stronger relationships in your life. Honouring yourself becomes second nature because you’ll discover how much happier and content you are. It’s the ultimate path to balance and inner peace, which will not only make you feel full, but inspire others to live in honour of themselves.



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