Life is a Wonderful Pub

If the Brits did one thing right, it was a pub. From decadence to sticky, wood floors, sports and historic pubs built into the rock, they have mastered the art of a cold pint and a top atmosphere.


Built in 1189AD into the rocks of Nottingham Castle, pilgrims stopped here for the night on their way to Jerusalem.

I made it my goal to visit one pub (or three…) a day while I was in England. Some people gaze in wonder at Big Ben and I gaze in wonder at the bottom of a pint glass.


Sunday roasts are a favourite among pubs and some even provide scrabble to entertain you. Coach and Horses – Greenwich

There truly is nothing better than a refreshing beverage and the company of unruly English yelling at the football match. They are what truly makes these pubs brilliant, British humour is the best humour.


The Three Tuns was established back in 1782. – York

But many of these pubs are ridden with history and hundreds of years old. It’s like walking back in time and sitting next to an open fire with a pint and a homemade meal.


The Last Drop Inn – York

A common theme among a few pubs and prisones was the ritual of giving a prisoner one last beer before they dropped in the noose. The Last Drop Inn in York is a classic example. Least they sent them off with a beer in their belly…


The hearty atmosphere of The Trembling Madness Pub will draw you in for three or four pints and a tasty antipasto board. – York



The Bear Inn is the oldest pub in Oxford dating back to 1242




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