The Beginnings of an Entrepreneurial Conquest

I’ve spent the last year back in Australia, filtering through my life goals, passions and of course love. This country seemed impossible to leave a year ago but it has finally unearthed many questions I had about myself and where I need to be. Caught between a genuine interest in study and my heart still belonging in Sydney I applied to a college for entrepreneurs. Soon I was being posed with (just to put an Australian spin on this) HEAPS of questions regarding what I loved to do, how do I spend my down time? What books do I read? What things do I research? And the list goes on and on. After about 5 weeks of serious soul searching, genuine struggle with what the hell it was I want (one of the many perks of a gemini personality is I have a finger in every pie, quite literally if it’s GF but mostly figuratively, and find it next to impossible to commit to one path). So after choosing five business pursuits, eliminating ones, bringing them back and desperately trying to conjoin all of them into one massive project, I settled for two business conquests. A fair-ish compromise.

The first is taking my passion for jewellery design and building it into a brand. The second is taking my interest in womens health, sexuality and all things regarding our uterus and coaching women on how their bodies actually work. Two totally different conquests but equally important to my life legend (I’ve been reading lots of Paulo Coelho lately if you caught the reference).

Tala Co. in the works! #jewellery #jewellery #jewellery FOR DAYS

Fast forward a year and I have the tiniest bit of clarity and even the beginnings of groundwork  about where I intend to move my life. Who would have thought all the aimless wanderings and “I’ll figure out what I’m supposed to do on the road” would actually set me in what feels like the right direction. Had a hell of a time travelling but realized a long time ago my heart needs to follow what sets it on fire and as it turns out jewellery and uteruses are the way forward.

Giving a pitch at school about the fertility awareness method and how it can change many women’s lives.

So now we embark on the next part of the journey. The excitement, trial and error, loss of faith, wanting to swap to a different business venture, regain faith after some serious meditation and the most thrilling part of all of this …. focusing on me. Investing all this pent up energy I have and channeling it creativity and holistically into helping women with their sexual and fertility health. Let this isn’t a success story quite yet, nor do I feel any less anxious about where life is headed. In fact I will most definitely be changing my mind or adding new ventures into this but I’m stoked to have a line of pursuit after many year of waiting to bump into it.





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