Goodbye Australia

Oh my love, how you showered me with sunshine, sun burns and finally a tan when I learned how to deal with your ozoneless sky. How you showered me in beers that tasted like the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods (see Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Waywards Brewery, Young Henrys, Batch and I won’t go on too much more but I need to mention Modus and Wild Yak too).

Photo by Mad Eye Photography

And oh, how I will miss the way you added haloumi and avocado to every single meal I ate out and the way you mastered hummus. I will miss the immaculate art in my coffee every morning and the velvety smoothness of your lattes.

I will miss the days pouring beers and shaking drinks while my managers smeared glitter on my face. I will miss the post work beer culture on a monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday  (because who doesn’t like a schooner heh?)  and silly-o’clock in the morning staffies on the weekends.

I will miss the way you spat out the best banter and loving ruthlessness that we don’t understand in Canada and I will never forget how you taught me not to give a fuck and be free in the sea. You my love, are the strangest and most wonderful place that I could have found. Australia, you were my first home away from home and it’s time to say goodbye.

It’s with a bit of sadness and a sense of purpose that I bid this paradise and it’s hilarious, slightly odd and freakishly good looking en masse population farewell.  You hold the fondest place in my heart, the lands in which I lived my early twenties, discovered a love for bartending, beers and free breasts on the beach and I cannot wait to return to your deadly shores.




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