My Holistic Wellness Travel Essentials

When I travel I dedicate a good section of my belongings to holistic, on-the-road wellness. When your constantly on the move, venturing public areas or staying at backpackers, your body can easily become run down with over-stimulation and germs, especially if you’re sharing a room with 8 people! It’s super easy to pack a basic wellness kit that will keep immunity up and your anxiety down.

Essential Oils

Tea tree oil and lavender. Both of these beauties are anti-bacterials, any small (or large) cuts and scrapes can be treated with these. Lavender is also a very soothing oil that can help with relaxing your busy mind and helping you sleep.

Ylang-Ylang Oil. This one is more of a guilty pleasure (quite literally with it’s aphrodisiac qualities), but mostly this one reminds me of my space at home. I burn ylang-ylang in my room and it really grounds me. The oil itself is also great for anxiety or a little love time with your lover.


Oregano Oil!! I cannot express enough love for oregano oil. I used a +40 all throughout my travels in southeast asia and I wasn’t sick once. Sure it makes you smell a bit funky but oregano is the mother of immunity. It’s especially good for flu season and all around a wonder in my experience.

The Daily Herbalist

When I was traveling through Asia I carried dried ginger, kefir lime leaves and cinnamon sticks in my bag (you can pick them up at any local market). I would infuse a bottle of water overnight  and drink this little potion all day. Ginger, cinnamon and Kaffir lime offers such a wonderful range of benefits from anti-inflammatory and anti0bacterial properties, antioxidants and even menstrual pain.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

Coconut Oil has become very mainstream now because it is so effective and diverse. I use it in my hair, especially if I’ve been swimming in the ocean, after shaving, removing make-up, skin repair, oil pulling for your teeth which works if your patient and consistent.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice but my personal experience with these products that worked really well for me. Please see a licensed medical practitioner for more in depth discussion and advice.


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