About Me

About Me?

I’m still figuring that one out. But what I can most definitely tell you is that I love to eat, wander and harness my many, many interests and be creative. You can typically find me snacking on what I refer to as fried haloumi fingers with hot sauce, somehow covered in paint from yesterdays canvas while working on what will become my jewellery empire meets-healthy-uteruses-for-all-women alter empire.

I can also tell you I am all about spiritual growth and personal development. I hold meditation in high regard, especially Vipassana and believe its important to live from a place of love. Every encounter we have in life is a chance for learning and growing, and recognizing those good and bad experiences as our teachers is a step towards bettering our person.

This blog is a documentation of girl who left home long ago, has gradually grown into a women and the ever changing journey, travels, entrepreneurial ventures and bumps and spiritual development she has experienced along the way.


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